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Canada Water is a freshwater lake and wildlife refuge in Rotherhithe, located in south-east London’s Docklands. Over the years, the name has grown to encompass the lake and the surrounding areas, mainly because of the tube station, which opened in 1999.

The extension of the Jubilee Line drew the area into focus. It significantly enhanced its connection to the rest of London, sitting just one stop from Canary Wharf, two stops from London Bridge and little more than 10 minutes from the West End. The station was connected to the London Overground in 2010.

This guide will discuss how Canada Water has become a sought-after destination for residents and visitors alike.

Properties in Canada Water Properties

Canada Water Property Market

Canada Water's property market has experienced a 7% increase in the past year, with an average property price of £563,121. Flats dominated the sales, averaging £494,126, while terraced and semi-detached properties averaged £791,029 and £833,750, respectively. The ongoing redevelopment in the area, coupled with upcoming projects in the pipeline, contributes to the region's overall attractiveness. TfL's plans for improved transport infrastructure further enhance the area's prospects for increased property values and rental prices.

Canada Water is a quiet area close to central London. Canada Water offers residents a relaxed atmosphere and appeals to those seeking a peaceful lifestyle within reach of the city's hustle. Boasting exceptional transport links, Canada Water residents enjoy easy access to central destinations, making the area popular for those who commute regularly. Canada Water also has a range of leisure and entertainment attractions close by for residents to take advantage of, like Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, a cinema complex, a bowling alley, and a wide range of restaurants and pubs. The Canada Water Culture Space has a library, café, and theatre, adding to the area's vibrant social scene.

Undergoing substantial regeneration, Canada Water has transformed into an attractive residential area, blending Victorian warehouses with modern developments. Recognised as a Mayor of London Opportunity Area, the region's future includes new homes, a new King's College London campus, a vibrant high street, and expanded green spaces.

Despite its central location and top-notch amenities, Canada Water offers relatively affordable property prices compared to neighbouring areas like Canary Wharf.

Property Types In Canada Water

Canada Water property consists of modern housing and converted warehouses, which cleverly reflect the region’s maritime heritage, as one would expect from a former docks area.

Princes Tower has won awards for its Art Deco style and boasts fantastic views of Tower Bridge and the River Thames from its private balconies, with many flats featuring large circular windows and a window seat that gives panoramic views of the London skyline. In a similar price bracket, Hays Court is a converted warehouse on Rotherhithe Street.

This area represents excellent value for money, whether you’re looking for a flat to rent in Canada Water or a four-bedroom family home.

The area around Canada Water has various modern properties from the 1980s and 90s. The abundance of well-appointed flats and proximity to Canary Wharf means this London neighbourhood is attractive to young professionals and couples.

Canada Water has undergone extensive regeneration since the 1980s. Former industrial buildings and warehouses have given way to large, modern apartment blocks, stylish warehouse conversions and some terraced housing. There are also a few streets in Canada Water with two and three-storey townhouses and off-street parking.

The best flats in Canada Water are around the freshwater lake, which is the area’s focal point. Here, the relaxed neighbourhood has several multi-storey apartment blocks dominating the area. Many of the modern flats have private balconies looking out over the lake. The stunning Canada Water Library also offers a touch of 21st-century architecture on Deal Porter Square. In addition, the streets off Surrey Quays Road, like Needleman Street, Woodland Crescent, and Garter Way, have glass-fronted apartment blocks and modern brick buildings. These blocks of flats keep the ambience of the area’s industrial past and add a contemporary touch.

Canada Water also includes some luxury developments, especially in the quiet area along the canal that joins the lake with Surrey Water. Although there are no towering glass apartment blocks, plenty of four- and five-storey apartment blocks offer tranquil living in the centre of London.

Overall, Canada Water tends to have more modern architecture; however, traditional Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses do exist as, while not specific to Canada Water, these styles of architecture are common in London.

Buying Property in Canada Water

Canada Water's proximity to central London makes it a coveted spot for property buyers—an ideal choice for those seeking fast, easy commuting via various transport options. Being close to key destinations like Oxford Street, Shoreditch, and Canary Wharf add the area's allure for locals.

The ongoing regeneration projects position Canada Water as a promising investment as buyers recognise the potential for future growth and development, making it an opportune time to invest in property here.

Property investors are attracted to Canada Water for its potential for promising returns. The combination of ongoing regeneration, strategic location, and excellent transport links assures investors of an upward trajectory in property values, making it an appealing prospect for those seeking profitable investments.

Renting Property in Canada Water

One of the primary reasons Canada Water stands out as a popular choice for renters is its affordability. Offering relatively reasonable property prices compared to other parts of London, the area appeals to a wide range of renters, particularly young professionals, and millennials. The affordability factor aligns with the preferences of those who value flexibility and lifestyle benefits associated with renting.

Canada Water's excellent transport links also add to its appeal as a rental destination. With the Underground Jubilee line, an Overground station, and a well-connected bus terminal, renters enjoy easy access to central London and key destinations.

The range of available property types further adds to Canada Water's attractiveness for renters. The area offers a mix of period family housing set back from the water and modern apartment blocks along the waterfront.

Renting in London offers residents the freedom to adapt to changing lifestyles and career opportunities without the long-term commitment of ownership.

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Buildings of Significance in Canada Water

Canada Water boasts a rich maritime heritage, with quay walls lining the water's edge. These quay walls were vital for loading and unloading goods from boats and ships. Today, they stand as a testament to Canada Water's past.

The quay walls alongside the East London Railway further contribute to the historical significance of Canada Water. The East London Railway, now part of the London Overground network, has shaped the area's development. Initially established in the 19th century, the railway connected key locations across East London for transporting goods and passengers.

The juxtaposition of quay walls and the East London Railway reflects the industrial legacy that once defined Canada Water. This area was integral to London's trade and commerce, with the quays providing essential infrastructure for maritime trade, while the railway offered efficient transportation of goods throughout the city.

Canada Water Properties Schools

In the heart of Canada Water, families benefit from a range of excellent schools, contributing to the neighbourhood’s appeal.

  • Albion Primary School provides a nurturing environment for students, fostering a love for learning and personal growth.
  • St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is known for its strong sense of community and dedication to academic excellence, creating a supportive learning environment.
  • Alfred Salter Primary School stands out for its commitment to holistic development, offering a well-rounded educational experience for students.
  • St John's Roman Catholic School is praised for its inclusive approach, providing quality education while embracing diversity.
  • Bacon's College is a cornerstone of education in the area, known for its focus on individualised learning and preparing students for future challenges.
  • Compass School Southwark in nearby Bermondsey stands out for its innovative approach to education, fostering curiosity and critical thinking among students.
  • Marathon Science School of Excellence is celebrated for its specialised focus on science education, providing students with a unique and enriching learning experience.

Canada Water Properties Regeneration Information

Past Regeneration Projects

Canada Water's regeneration began in 1876 with the construction of Canada Dock, a hub for Anglo-Canadian trade. Its proximity to the East London Railway posed a challenge as builders had to use substantial amounts of concrete to ensure the railway line would be safe. The need to protect the railway from potential flooding added complexity to the construction process, highlighting the impact of the East London Railway on the development of Canada Dock.

In 1926, Quebec Dock replaced neighbouring timber ponds, expanding the area's industrial footprint. The 1962-1964 Canada estate redevelopment transformed a former chemical works into a residential district.

The 1980s saw a significant shift as Surrey Docks closed, prompting the filling in of Quebec Dock and most of Canada Dock. Southwark Council and British Land joined forces to revitalise the area, envisioning Canada Water as a vibrant new town centre. This vision materialised with the construction of mixed-tenure housing, including the landmark Canada Water library, and the soaring 26-storey Ontario Point tower.

Regeneration Projects In Canada Water

The Canada Water Masterplan is a comprehensive 53-acre regeneration initiative that is reshaping the local landscape and influencing the Canada Water property market. With plans to create London's first new town centre in 50 years, the masterplan will introduce a new high street and town square over the next 12 years, up to 3,000 net-zero carbon homes, and 2 million sq. ft of highly sustainable workspace for 20,000 workers. A state-of-the-art leisure centre featuring swimming pools, sports courts, and a gym will also be available for local residents. The masterplan further includes plans for dedicated public open spaces, including a 3.5-acre park and revitalised wetlands.

As one of the most significant mixed-use regeneration projects in London, the Canada Water Masterplan prioritises the preservation of local history, character, and biodiversity. Developed by British Land and AustralianSuper, Phase 1 is expected to be completed in late 2024, creating an exciting destination for living, working, and entertainment.

The Canada Water Masterplan also focuses on sustainability, progressing towards net-zero carbon with initiatives like energy-efficient designs, all-electric energy strategies, and ultra-low emissions practices. It also focuses on positive social impact that benefits local residents, supporting education programs, and fostering skills development in partnership with local organisations.

Canada Water Properties Community

Canada Water is an area filled with engaging local events, neighbourhood bonds, and meaningful initiatives that shape the thriving spirit of this area.

  • Bizzie Bodies: The Bizzie Bodies initiative presents families with enjoyable and interactive sessions that encourage physical activity and strengthen the sense of community. The program promotes healthier lifestyles and fosters a shared understanding of connection and camaraderie among families by offering a platform for parents and children to participate together.
  • Global Generation: Global Generation offers initiatives that link individuals with nature, sustainability, and one another. Through inventive projects, workshops, and events, they organise practical experiences that advocate environmental consciousness, urban farming, and social unity. Their dedication emphasises community building, nurturing connections, and empowering individuals to impact their local environment and the planet positively.
  • Tree Shepherd: With a range of community-driven efforts. Tree Shepherd empowers individuals through business support, training, and workspaces, fostering local entrepreneurship and economic development. Focusing on underserved areas, they aim to create self-sufficiency and community growth pathways, promoting resilience and sustainable change.
  • Canada Water Projects: British Land organises and supports various local investment projects in Canada Water—these initiatives channel resources into the community, enhancing infrastructure, green spaces, and facilities. Through collaborative efforts, the projects contribute to the area's vitality, positively impacting residents' quality of life and fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Transport Information

Canada Water is well connected to public transport:

  • Train

South Bermondsey

  • Tubes


Canada Water

Elephant & Castle


Surrey Quays

Canada Water is a dynamic community blending history with modernity. With plentiful amenities, ongoing regeneration, and a thriving atmosphere, it offers residents a living experience that combines the best of the past and the present.

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Things To Do in Canada Water Properties

Canada Water has a wide range of attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy:

  • Landmark Library: A £14 million library and cultural centre designed by Piers Gough is a recent landmark in Canada Water. The building resembles an inverted pyramid, and the design aims for visitors to ascend from the busy ground-floor cafe to the quiet of the library above.
  • Green Spaces: Enjoy the tranquillity of Southwark Park with fantastic wide-open spaces. Enjoy water sports at Surrey Docks Water Sports Centre or explore Surrey Docks Farm, a family-friendly destination with plenty of activities for children and adults.
  • Museums: Dive into history at the fascinating Brunel Museum, commemorating the world's first underwater tunnel. Experience contemporary design at the Design Museum, discover Thames foreshore artefacts at the Pumphouse Educational Museum, and explore the Tower Bridge Exhibition.
  • Art Galleries: Discover a varied collection of art at Café Gallery Projects and The Wrapping Project through the many exhibitions held throughout the year.
  • Pubs and Bars: Experience the charm of traditional and modern pubs and bars, including the historic Mayflower pub, nautically themed The Ship Rotherhithe, the 16th-century Prospect of Whitby, Thames-view dining at The Old Salt Quay, and the multi-level Moby Dick offering traditional British fare.
  • Restaurants: Canada Water offers a variety of cuisines at Rainbow Chinese restaurant, Pizza Hut, Simplicity Café & Restaurant, Café Sillka, The Yellow House, Café East for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, and iconic spots like Frankie & Benny's and The Surrey Docks Wetherspoon.
  • Historic Buildings: Explore the Norwegian Church and Seamen’s Mission, St Mary's Church, Brunel Engine House, and St Olav’s Church, each contributing to the area's rich history.

Canada Water is a dynamic community blending history with modernity. With plentiful amenities, ongoing regeneration, and a thriving atmosphere, it offers residents a living experience that combines the best of the past and the present.

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