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Shad Thames is a small and exclusive area in Bermondsey which takes its name from a historic, partly cobbled, riverside street next to Tower Bridge. It runs along the south side of the Thames, behind a row of converted warehouses, and along St Saviour's Dock.

As well as being an attractive area of London, it is also in one of the city’s most interesting areas. With attractions like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Borough Market and The Shard all within walking distance, it is the perfect area to explore.

This guide will detail the most important aspects to consider if you’re considering making Shad Thames your home.

Properties in Shad Thames Properties

Shad Thames Property Market

Shad Thames, known for its repurposed warehouses and wharves, has become a hotspot in the London property market. It's a highly desirable area for both property buyers and renters thanks to its prime location, amenities, and excellent transport connections. This also offers promising investment prospects for those seeking to acquire London property.

Shad Thames has seen a remarkable transformation over the years, with iconic buildings like the Butler's Wharf Distillery and the St Katharine Docks Warehouse adding to the area's distinctive charm. The redevelopment of Shad Thames has breathed new life into the neighbourhood, attracting new businesses, restaurants, tenants, and investors, ultimately driving an upswing in property prices.

Properties located near the water tend to come at a premium, and this characteristic also applies to Shad Thames. The waterfront appeal has further heightened the desirability of the area.

Property seekers in Shad Thames can access various amenities, including many restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and even a cinema. The nearby Bermondsey Wall East provides a spacious park to unwind in for those searching for green spaces.

According to Rightmove, the average property price in Shad Thames stands at £829,000. The consistent demand for property in the area will likely drive further price increases, solidifying its status as a coveted residential destination.

Property Types in Shad Thames

Most properties in Shad Thames are packed into an area covering only 350m x 250m and are warehouses converted to an extremely high standard, complete with their original features such as brickwork and beams. The tall industrial buildings are magnificent, with their elevated walkways crisscrossing from one building to the next. Many of the apartments are inhabited by professionals drawn by the proximity to the City and Canary Wharf, and its riverside location which provides some stunning scenic views across the Thames.

The river also offers transport opportunities in Shad Thames as it is next to the particularly deep section of the river called the Pool of London. This means full-size cruise ships or naval vessels can stop here on their journey. Police and speedboats also regularly go past, as do passenger and leisure boats.

The conversions themselves are often the first word in luxury, with contemporary and stylish fixtures and fittings blending with Victorian architecture.

In Shad Thames, a range of architectural styles defines the residential scene. These include the Victorian warehouse conversions that once housed tea, coffee, and spices and have now been transformed into riverfront homes. Other styles, such as modern apartments, terraced houses, Georgian townhouses, and Edwardian houses, are also available. Modern apartments feature elements like glass balconies and open layouts. Terraced houses offer private gardens, while Georgian townhouses showcase elegant designs, and Edwardian houses boast ornate styles from the early 20th century.

Buying Property in Shad Thames

Shad Thames is a highly sought-after location for property buyers in central London. Its historic riverside charm, with stunning views of Tower Bridge and the River Thames, is a primary draw.

Buyers flock to Shad Thames due to its location between the City and Canary Wharf, making it convenient for professionals. Excellent transport links, including nearby underground stations and bus routes, ensure easy access to the city and beyond.

Amenities such as shops, restaurants, bars, and proximity to tourist attractions enhance the quality of life in Shad Thames.

Renting Property in Shad Thames

Due to its prime location beside Tower Bridge, Shad Thames is popular with renters who want to live close to Central London. The average price to rent a one or two-bedroom flat in Shad Thames is around £700 per week. However, you can expect to pay well over £1,000 per week to rent a riverside apartment.

The cheapest area of Shad Thames to rent an apartment is in the mid-century blocks of flats along Tooley Street or the maisonette flats off Druid Street.

It’s good to remember that renters who live and work in Shad Thames save time and money on the daily commute. The nearest Tube stations are Bermondsey and London Bridge. From there, it’s a 10-minute journey to Canary Wharf or 15 minutes to Central London.

Property for Sale in Shad Thames

Property to Rent in Shad Thames

Buildings of Significance in Shad Thames

The Circle has a rich history. This building is a relic of the past and evidence of the enduring legacy of 19th-century riverside warehouses in the city.

Separated from the River Thames by the iconic, warehouse-lined canyons of Shad Thames, The Circle comprises two predominantly residential buildings on either side of Queen Elizabeth Street. Its Grade II listing status, awarded in February 2018, acknowledges its historical significance and architectural value within London's urban heritage.

The Circle's importance extends beyond its walls. It is one of London's most compelling examples of a 19th-century riverside warehouse environment. Furthermore, its location places it within a conservation area, sharing its historical context with other distinguished listed buildings such as 22 Shad Thames, Java Wharf, St Andrew’s Wharf, Christians Warehouses, and more.

Shad Thames Properties Schools

Shad Thames is fortunate to have a wide range of excellent schools, providing families with a choice of high-quality education for their children:

  • Tower Bridge Primary School is part of The Bridges Federation and is a thriving community school with a strong focus on inclusive education and creativity.
  • Hermitage Primary School is a welcoming school with a strong focus on academic excellence and extracurricular activities.
  • St James' Church of England Primary School has a good OFSTED and excellent SIAMS report and a strong commitment to social intelligence.
  • Snowsfields Primary School, also part of The Bridges Federation, has a good OFSTED rating and a strong academic record. They offer a wide range of enrichment activities for pupils, including a garden kitchen for outdoor learning.
  • Riverside Primary School is a high-achieving school with students who consistently perform at a high level and has been one of the best 20 schools nationally.
  • City Of London School is a leading academic school with impressive progression to top universities in the UK and abroad. It was also named London's Independent Secondary School of the Year in 2020

Shad Thames Properties Regeneration Information

Past Regeneration Projects

Initially conceived in 1873 as a bustling shipping wharf and warehouse complex, Butlers Wharf played a pivotal role in handling goods arriving at the port of London. Over time, however, this once-thriving hub faced neglect and deterioration.

The turning point in its rejuvenation came when a visionary regeneration project breathed new life into Butler's Wharf. Its historic warehouses were carefully and thoughtfully converted into luxury residential properties, with restaurants and shops at street level. This transformation reinvigorated the area, preserving its architectural heritage while ushering in a new era of contemporary living.

The flagship conversion, 34 Shad Thames, led the way in 1989, setting the tone for the regeneration efforts. Designed by Conrad Roche, it represented the first step in reimagining this historic space. Subsequent transformations, such as the conversion of the Clove Building in 1990 and Tea Trade Wharf in 2003, turned Butler's Wharf into a thriving residential community that celebrates its past while embracing its vibrant present.

Regeneration Projects In Shad Thames

Inspired by the success of New York's High Line, Southwark introduces the Low Line, a dynamic pedestrian route along the railway viaduct that connects neighbourhoods, offering a range of benefits for residents. This innovative project is near Shad Thames, making it accessible and appealing to nearby residents.

This visionary concept aims to create a historic walking path, linking London Bridge with Waterloo stations. With support from Network Rail and inclusion in the New Southwark Plan, this project is set to enhance the lives of residents in several ways.

The Low Line is an ongoing project, and the transformation includes landscaping, lighting, brick cleaning, artwork, signage, and events celebrating the rich history of Victorian railway arches. The first three sections in Southwark have already opened, providing new walkways, artist workshops, and creative spaces for independent occupiers.

Future projects promise further enhancements, including new routes, affordable units for local businesses, and improved public spaces. Collaboration among partners, including Better Bankside and the Walworth Society, is key to realising the Low Line's potential, creating a vibrant and community-focused environment for Southwark residents, including those in the Shad Thames area, to enjoy.

Shad Thames Properties Community

In the heart of Shad Thames, residents enjoy the benefits of a closely connected community where support, camaraderie, and a shared sense of belonging enrich everyday life.

  • Shad Thames Community Hub: Committed to building strong neighbourhood connections, mutual assistance, and a deep sense of belonging among residents through engaging events, gatherings, and initiatives.
  • The Tideaway Community Initiative: The team here is dedicated to creating a resilient community. Working with local residents, businesses, and organisations, they aim to revitalise green spaces and promote environmental awareness. Organising educational opportunities for youth, this group works hard to embody the spirit of community togetherness.
  • Tower Bridge Community Initiatives: Tower Bridge collaborates with local community groups to promote access and participation. While not specific to Shad Thames, their initiatives contribute to the broader community in the area.
  • Our Shad Thames: The Facebook group for Shad Thames aims to create a platform for the local community to connect, collaborate, and engage. It serves as a virtual hub where residents, businesses, and individuals can share information, discuss local matters, and foster a sense of unity.

Transport Information

Shad Thames is in an area with excellent transport connections, including Underground and Overground stations and numerous bus routes.


There are a few Underground stations near to Shad Thames:

  • London Bridge
  • Tower Hill
  • Bermondsey
  • Borough


There are two main stations near to Shad Thames:

  • London Bridge
  • Rotherhithe


Several bus routes operate around Shad Thames, including: 21, 25, 42, 43, 47, 88, 148, 188, 381, C10, N199, N381.

Things To Do in Shad Thames Properties

Shad Thames is close to several significant attractions, and there is always something to do here. Below is a selection of activities for residents and visitors to enjoy:

  • The Tower of London is one of the most exciting attractions in London. Take a tour with a Beefeater and learn about the tower’s fascinating history, and make sure you see the Crown Jewels.
  • Tower Bridge is another major attraction nearby. Tower Bridge was built in the late 19th century and has become an iconic structure in the city. Go right to the top and see the exhibition that tells you all about its history and enjoy the amazing views.
  • A favourite with the Hastings International team, nearby Borough Market is one of the best food markets in London. Head along and see the diverse range of international and organic foods on sale, and try some samples while you're there.
  • You may also want to take a trip to the London Dungeon to enjoy a gruesome tour where you will learn about the darker side of London's history.
  • The Shard is also nearby, and you can buy a ticket to go up to the observation platform and enjoy spectacular views of London.
  • The Mayor of London's offices are also close by, next to the impressive "More London" development, which has energised the area and contributed to a sharp rise in property prices.

Shad Thames is a unique and charming area with a lot to offer residents. It is a great place to live, work, and play. If you are looking for a place to call home in London, Shad Thames should be on your list!

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