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Borough is the name given to an area inside the borough of Southwark on the South Bank of the river Thames. The areas surrounding Borough include Camberwell to the north, Elephant and Castle to the east, Newington to the west, and Southwark and Waterloo to the south.

It is one of the oldest areas of London, and at one point, it was the only borough that existed outside the City of London.

Properties in Borough

Borough Property Market

Properties in Borough had an average price of £759,640 in the past year. Several factors drove this relatively high average property cost, with prices set to continue this upward trajectory.

Firstly, Borough's central location in London makes it a highly sought-after residential area. Its proximity to the city centre and excellent transport links make it convenient for commuters and professionals working in the capital.

Additionally, ongoing regeneration projects in Borough have contributed significantly to its property market growth. The area has witnessed substantial redevelopment, attracting both investors and homebuyers looking for modern and well-maintained properties.

Borough's cultural attractions also play a role in its appeal. The presence of historic sites, vibrant markets, and a diverse culinary scene adds to the neighbourhood's unique charm.

Due to these factors, and the fact that property prices are expected to continue to rise in the coming years, Borough is an attractive option for those looking to invest in London's dynamic property market.

Property Types In Borough

There are a number of luxury riverside apartments in Borough, including places such as Clink Wharf. The area is home to various new developments, like those on Long Lane, so there are many modern flats and houses available.

As well as luxury flats, there are also a number of Georgian townhouses that have mainly been converted into flats. Many of these can be found in Trinity Church Square, which is one of the most desirable locations in Borough.

More affordable property can be found slightly further out from the centre, such as in Elephant & Castle. There are also terraced and semi-terraced properties in Borough, many of which are located on the Old Kent Road.

Borough boasts a wide range of property styles, including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art-Deco, and Post-Modern. From the timeless elegance of Georgian and Victorian homes to the bold, modern statements of Art-Deco and Post-Modern architecture, there's a property style in this area to cater to all tastes and preferences, reflecting its rich architectural history and appeal.

Buying Property in Borough

Buying property in Borough offers exceptional investment potential. London boasts some of the highest capital growth yields in the world, and Borough, being in central London, is no exception. Its prime location provides excellent commuting options with efficient transport links through the Northern and Jubilee lines. The high demand for property in this area means that property values are expected to appreciate over time, making Borough an attractive choice for both homeowners and investors looking to capitalise on its promising property market. With its central position and strong growth prospects, Borough stands out as a smart choice for property buyers seeking long-term value and convenience.

Renting Property in Borough

Renting property in Borough offers a convenient and flexible housing solution. Whether you're a professional seeking proximity to the city centre or a newcomer looking to explore Borough's unique charm, renting provides a range of options. With its excellent transport links, Borough is well-connected to the rest of London, making it an ideal choice for commuters. The demand for rental properties in this central location means you'll find a variety of apartments and houses to suit different budgets and lifestyles. From modern flats to period homes, the rental market in Borough caters to a diverse range of preferences.
Renting property in Borough also offers convenience and access to local amenities and cultural attractions, including the renowned Borough Market and historic landmarks like Southwark Cathedral.
As property values in the area continue to appreciate, renting in Borough offers an excellent opportunity to experience this dynamic neighbourhood without the commitment of ownership.

Property for Sale in Borough

Property to Rent in Borough

Buildings of Significance in Borough

The George Inn, situated on Borough High Street in Southwark, is a historical treasure with roots extending back to the 16th century. Its enduring legacy was acknowledged by John Stowe, a prominent English historian and antiquarian, in his 1598 survey of London. Stowe included The George Inn among the esteemed "fair inns" of the city, attesting to its centuries-old reputation.

Originally named the "George and Dragon," the inn draws its inspiration from the legendary tale of Saint George and the Dragon. It is believed that the inn may have hosted Elizabethan theatrical productions, as was the tradition of galleried inns in that era.

The George Inn's history includes a pivotal moment after the devastating Southwark fire of 1676, which led to its reconstruction to its present form. Flourishing as a popular coaching inn during the 18th and 19th centuries, it attracted illustrious figures such as William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens who mentioned The George Inn in his classic book ‘Little Dorrit’ .

In 1937, The George Inn came under the care of the National Trust, marking a crucial step in its preservation. Today, this historical gem remains under their stewardship, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in its rich history and the captivating ambience of its storied halls.

Borough Schools

There are many great school in Borough, including:

Borough Regeneration Information

Past Regeneration Projects

Borough Market, steeped in history that spans a millennia, is one of London's most cherished food markets, drawing both locals and tourists alike. In recent years, a major regeneration initiative breathed new life into this historic hub.

Overseen by the Trustees of Borough Market in collaboration with the architects at Greig and Stephenson, this transformative project commenced in 1999 and reached completion in 2019. Its multifaceted approach included:

  • The creation of a contemporary market hall, a striking edifice of glass and steel, provides traders with a modern and expansive venue.
  • The refurbishment of existing market buildings, preserving their timeless charm while ensuring comfort and accessibility for visitors.
  • The establishment of inviting public spaces, notably the Vinopolis Yard, creating a more welcoming atmosphere to explore.

The regeneration of Borough Market stands as a resounding success story, infusing vitality into the area, drawing new enterprises and visitors alike. Today, it pulsates with activity, enriching the local community and demonstrating its indispensable value.

The transformation has left an indelible mark on the Borough area. The local economy thrives as a direct consequence, and sustainability and environmental consciousness are seamlessly woven into the fabric of Borough Market, aligning it with modern principles.

The regeneration of Borough Market serves as an exemplary testament to the preservation and rejuvenation of historic structures. Today it stands as a global model, inspiring markets and towns worldwide.

Regeneration Projects in Borough

Borough Yards is a visionary mixed-use development adjacent to the renowned Borough Market in London that has breathed new life into a once disused railway depot. With a substantial investment of £300 million, this transformational project has created a vibrant and dynamic neighbourhood, including shops, restaurants, modern offices, and residential units.
A collaborative effort between the accomplished developers MARK and Queensberry, brought to life by the visionary architects of Evolve Architecture, the journey of Borough Yards commenced in 2018 and has recently been completed.
Borough Yards demonstrates the profound positive impact that regeneration can have on an area. Here's how it is poised to redefine and elevate the local landscape:

  • Fostering Economic Growth: This project serves as a hub for economic growth, generating fresh employment opportunities and energising the local business ecosystem.
  • A Magnet for Visitors: With its diverse offerings, Borough Yards is set to attract a new wave of visitors, bringing vitality to the local economy.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: The development's thoughtful design enhances the area's connectivity, meaning smoother navigation for residents and visitors alike.
  • Enriched Living and Working Environment: Borough Yards aspires to create an enriched environment where people can live, work, and explore, fostering a sense of vibrancy and community.
  • Honouring Heritage: While introducing modernity, the project pays homage to the area's rich heritage, preserving its historic character.

Borough Yards serves as a sterling example of how regeneration projects can act as catalysts for positive change within a community. It is a testament to the enduring impact that such endeavours can bring to an area, ensuring its prosperity for generations to come.

Key Features of Borough Yards:

  • Diverse Spaces: Borough Yards offers an array of spaces, with 196,000 square feet of retail, 150,000 square feet of office space, and 150 thoughtfully designed apartments, creating a blend of distinct experiences.
  • Culinary Excellence: A standout feature is its culinary offerings, with shops and restaurants committed to delivering high-quality and diverse experiences, enriching the gastronomic scene.
  • Community Hub: A vibrant public square at the heart of Borough Yards encourages community spirit and serves as a gathering point for residents and visitors alike.
  • Sustainability Commitment: Committed to a sustainable future, Borough Yards proudly holds a BREEAM Excellent certification, underscoring its dedication to environmental responsibility and stewardship.

Borough Community

In Borough, community spirit is alive thanks to various initiatives aimed at bringing residents together and fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Link Age Southwark: Addressing the needs of the borough's older population, Link Age Southwark has taken a proactive stance against loneliness by running a dedicated scheme that encourages community involvement and mutual support among approximately 9,000 older individuals living alone

Community Southwark: This umbrella organisation plays a pivotal role in supporting various local charities and groups, amplifying the positive impact of community-driven projects.

Southwark Cathedral:: The Trust has several community initiatives, including the Cathedral Choir, Cathedral Café, and Cathedral Learning Centre, as well as The Friends of Southwark Cathedral group and All Hallows Church Community Garden. They also organise various events throughout the year in the local community. These initiatives offer individuals chances to engage with one another and the Cathedral itself.

The OBC: The Old Borough Community Centre is a well-established charitable organisation, actively involved in community service since 1897. They provide various services for youths and the broader community, including a youth club, sports hall, music production suite, and social area. Additionally, their venue is available for rental to host events and activities. The core commitment of the OBC lies in fostering a secure and encouraging atmosphere for all community members.

Transport Information

Borough has good transport links, including several underground stations.


There are three main Underground stations in Borough:

London Bridge – on the Northern and Jubilee Line
Borough – on the Northern Line
Southwark – on the Jubilee Line
London Bridge Station is the main overground station in Borough.

A number of bus routes serve Borough and the surrounding area. These include:

17 – starts at London Bridge and heads north to Archway Station

133 – starts at Wormwood Street and heads all the way through the Borough down to Streatham Station

344 – starts at Clapham Junction Station and heads north through the Borough and London Bridge then up to Appold Street

Borough is a dynamic and evolving London neighbourhood, steeped in history yet brimming with modern vitality. From its iconic Borough Market to the transformative regeneration projects like Borough Yards, this area embodies the spirit of progress and community.
Whether you're considering a move to Borough or exploring investment opportunities, contact our friendly team today to start your property journey in Borough.

Things To Do in Borough

With its own Blue Plaque, Borough Market is renowned as a gem in London’s culinary landscape. Stepping into Borough Market, visitors are greeted with a delightful scent of fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, gourmet street food, and international culinary delights. The market's atmosphere attracts food enthusiasts and visitors from all corners of the world. With its focus on quality, sustainability, and supporting local producers, Borough Market has become a beloved destination for food lovers seeking exceptional and authentic gastronomic experiences.

As well as the Market, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in Borough:

  • Southwark Cathedral – a beautiful historic Gothic cathedral.
  • The Tate Modern – one of the best museums of modern art in the world.
  • The Golden Hinde II – the galleon used by Sir Francis Drake and located in Bankside.
  • A personal favourite with the Hastings team is The View from The Shard – The Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe, and it has the highest viewing platform in London
  • The London Bridge Experience & Tombs – a gruesome but thrilling experience where you will discover the dark side of the area's history.
  • The Clink Prison Museum – a museum on the site of the Clink Prison, one of the most notorious of London's prisons since it was built in 1144.

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