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Do you need to know how much your home is worth, or an estimate of its potential rental income? Simply enter your postcode below and one of our valuations experts will contact you to set up a quick and easy virtual property valuation.

Selling your property? Remortgaging? Extending, renovating?

Whether you're selling your property, remortgaging, or considering extensions and renovations, understanding the current market value is crucial. Our experienced London valuations team specialises in providing accurate and reliable property assessments. Whether you need a realistic valuation for a sale or refinancing or to guide your renovation decisions, our expertise in the local property market ensures you receive a comprehensive and honest evaluation.

Are you a Landlord with a rental property looking to understand its potential?

Whether you're assessing rental values, considering property improvements, or navigating market changes, our professional team will be happy to offer their expertise. We provide detailed and reliable property assessments, helping landlords make informed decisions about rental income, property improvements, or potential adjustments to their portfolios. With our knowledge of the London rental market, we offer a comprehensive and transparent evaluation. We understand the challenges of property management in London and provide a full property management service to simplify your responsibilities as a landlord.

Why people use Hastings International?

We aim to provide prospective vendors and landlords with a full property valuation that’s realistic and based on current London property market prices.

Our valuations team are some of the business's best property and local market experts.

Typically, our process would be to visit you at your property, assess the internal condition and dimensions, and compare it to similar properties currently on the market and those we have sold/let in the area. Then, we will generate a realistic figure for you, together with a comprehensive marketing strategy, to ensure we achieve the best possible price.

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