Rotherhithe Property Guide

Rotherhithe is situated in the Borough of Southwark, in South-East London. It’s part of the Docklands area, located on the Thames’ south bank, and directly across the river from Wapping and the Isle of Dogs.

Rotherhithe has been significantly redeveloped in recent years, transforming from an industrial port to a green, pleasant residential area. In particular, the historic docks are now highly sought after for conversion to residential and public spaces. 

Properties in Rotherhithe Properties

There’s a great mix of property in Rotherhithe, from high-rise apartments to spacious suburban housing estates. It also offers excellent transport links to Central London, not to mention a wide range of well-performing primary and secondary schools. Families are drawn to the beautiful public parks in the area, and view Rotherhithe as a peaceful, charming alternative to the bustling streets of Central London.

Rotherhithe property is incredibly varied, running the gamut from luxury waterside apartments to affordable one and two-bedroom flats and houses. Luxury properties benefit from the area’s proximity to Canada Water, with its beautiful green spaces and walkways, and many of them can be found in purpose-built or new-built apartment blocks with plenty of features, including CCTV and secure entrances. Other properties, meanwhile, benefit from the excellent transport links and many can be found in converted houses and ex-council flats. 

Rotherhithe is home to a range of period townhouses, converted warehouses and modern developments. Many of the best properties in Rotherhithe are situated along the banks of the Thames or overlooking Surrey Docks.

Regeneration in the 1980s transformed this once industrial and maritime area into a vibrant, modern neighbourhood. In this South East London area, you will find modern properties that include terraced housing with gardens, luxurious apartments in converted industrial buildings, and period Victorian and Georgian townhouses. There aren’t as many high-rise multi-storey buildings as compared to other regenerated sites like Canary Wharf or nearby Bermondsey.

The most sought-after homes and flats in Rotherhithe are along the waterways and the river Thames. Here you will find wharf buildings converted into spacious apartments offering loft-style living. For example, many warehouse conversions are located on Surrey Quays Road and Rotherhithe Street. Many of the apartments have private balconies offering stunning views over the docks and river. Some conversions include glass-fronted buildings, giving the neighbourhood a modern look.

Rotherhithe also has many newly built contemporary apartment blocks offering spacious apartments. Some of the best examples of modern architecture are found on Quebec Way. These buildings also have the advantage of being beside Stave Hill Ecological Park and wildlife reserve.

Living in Rotherhithe isn’t all about living in modern apartments. The area also has modern family houses with private gardens and off-street parking in residential estates. The streets off Redriff Road have many semi-detached and detached two-storey family homes in quiet cul-de-sacs. Additionally, there are residential areas with family homes in the north part of Rotherhithe between Surrey Water and Mayflower Park. These small streets offer the type of living commonly associated with living in outlying suburban areas, not in central London.

In 2021, the average property in Rotherhithe cost £557,000, which is well below the London average of £620,000. However, the average price for a flat in Rotherhithe is just under £500,000.

Considering the fast transport links to Canary Wharf, the amount of green space and excellent schools, Rotherhithe is a desirable neighbourhood for young professionals and families alike.

New-Build Properties in Rotherhithe

Rotherhithe continues to undergo regeneration, and there are plenty of new-build properties in the area. Many new modern four and five-storey apartment blocks beside the docks and Thames are available to rent or buy. Some new builds offer affordable housing for first-time buyers with excellent deals on shared ownership.

Renting Property in Rotherhithe

Rotherhithe is popular for renters due to the availability of affordable housing and its proximity to Canary Wharf and the City of Lonon. Here you can find rental accommodation to suit most budgets. The average rent for a one or two-bedroom flat in Rotherhithe is £473 per week. However, it’s possible to find a rental flat in modern glass-fronted apartment blocks for between £350 and £450 per week.

Considering that the Tube stations Canada Water and Rotherhithe are within walking distance, renters in Rotherhithe can save time and money on the daily commute. For example, Canary Wharf is 3 minutes on the Tube or 15 minutes by bicycle.

Rotherhithe Properties Schools

There are several primary schools in and around Rotherhithe. Albion Primary School (close to Rotherhithe overground station) was rated Outstanding in a recent Ofsted report, and Redriff Primary School (near Stave Hill Ecological Park), Rotherhithe Primary School (near Southwark Park) and St Mary & St Pauls CoE (close to the Thames) are also well-regarded. 

Secondary schools and colleges include Bacon’s College, which is conveniently located in the centre of Rotherhithe, plus Bosco Centre College, Cavendish School (situated at the south end of Southwark Park), Marathon Science School (between Deptford and Southward Parks) and St Michaels Catholic College.

Rotherhithe Properties Regeneration Information

Southwark is currently undergoing significant regeneration, with considerable investment being made to create more housing for the growing population. In the Rotherhithe area, plans have been unveiled for the transformation of Canada Water, which features an open-air high street, a 3.5-acre park, a leisure centre and around 3,500 new homes. This large-scale regeneration will not only transform the area, but bring new business and economic opportunities too. 

Other key developments in Rotherhithe include:

  • Redwood Park – a housing block on Downtown Road
  • Anchor Point – a 69 property development off Salter Road
  • Bermondsey Works – a high-rise apartment block (64 flats) on New Rotherhithe Road

Rotherhithe Properties Community

In Rotherhithe, community spirit thrives through active local groups and initiatives, bringing people together and creating a lively and connected neighbourhood.

SPA 1869: SPA 1869 contributes to the community through its initiatives, encouraging connections, organising events, and engaging residents in activities that enhance the local area's well-being.

Community Gardening Network: The Surrey Docks Farm's Rotherhithe Community Gardening Network brings people together through gardening, creating green spaces that promote community interaction, environmental awareness, and a sense of shared stewardship.

Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Community Group: Empowering the community, the group collaborates on projects, facilitates engagement, and promotes local initiatives, ensuring residents' voices are heard and fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Rotherhithe & Bermondsey Local History Society: The society actively preserves and shares the area's heritage, providing a platform for residents to engage with their history, fostering community pride, and nurturing a connection to the past.

Transport Information


There are three main tube stations in Rotherhithe, which naturally appeals to commuters seeking easy access to London. To the south, Surrey Quays station is in Zone 2 on the East London Line. Canada Water station is more centrally located, with both under- and overground terminals (the first is part of the Jubilee line, the other is an interchange between the two other Rotherhithe stations).

Rotherhithe station is also part of the East London Line, connecting travellers to Wapping and Highbury & Islington.


Rotherhithe is served by the TfL services, with buses 1, 47, 188, 199, 225, 381, 10 and P12 operating in the district. There are also three specific night buses - N1, N199 and N381.

Buses stop at:

  • Salter Road
  • Rotherhithe Street
  • Canada Street
  • Surrey Quays Road
  • Rotherhithe New Road
  • Trundleys Road
  • Evelyn Street


Additionally, boat services operate in the area: 

  • Thames clipper from Greenland Dock Pier
  • Canary Wharf Ferry from Nelson Dock Pier

Things To Do in Rotherhithe Properties

There are plenty of amenities and open areas in the Rotherhithe area, suitable for people of all ages. Southwark Park is the largest open parkland in Rotherhithe, and an excellent place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Here, you’ll find a traditional bandstand, an old English Cottage garden, a cafe, boating lake and an art gallery. There are also several community groups involved with the management of the park.

Other notable green spaces include the Stave Hill Ecological Park, which features a traditional nature reserve, Lavender Pond Nature Park (a haven for wildlife, with plenty of trails along wooden boardwalks), and the tranquil Durand's wharf. 

There are also several pleasant dock areas to explore in Rotherhithe, such as the South Dock Marina, Greenland Dock and Surrey Water. These popular redeveloped areas are not only pleasant for an afternoon stroll, but contain many cafes, bars and restaurants.

The Brunel Museum is another of the area’s highlights. It celebrates the life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, focusing particularly on his major achievements in the capital - The Thames Tunnel and the Great Eastern Steamship. Rotherhithe also has a wide variety of bars, pubs and restaurants. The Mayflower is an attractive traditional pub (situated on Rotherhithe Street), or alternatively, the two-floor Woolpack on Bermondsey Street serves great food and drink, and the family-friendly Salt Quay pub offers a highly rated Sunday Roast.

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