East London Property Guide

East London covers several boroughs, including Hackney, Barking & Dagenham, Lewisham, Tower Hamlets, Redbridge, Havering, Waltham Forest, and Shoreditch. The surrounding areas include Docklands, Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Bethnal Green.

This guide will detail the positive aspects of living in East London, including its vibrant culture and diverse neighbourhoods.

Properties in East London

East London Property Market

The East London property market has transformed over the last decade, with average property prices of £510,133 in the past year. The East London property market's upswing owes a lot to the Olympic regeneration efforts. These initiatives revitalised the area, driving significant growth.

One of the market's key draws is its relative affordability compared to other London areas. This affordability factor has stimulated substantial demand, contributing to the steady rise of property prices. Updated transportation infrastructure, including improvements to the London Overground, has significantly improved accessibility and bolstered East London's appeal to potential buyers.

The East London property market has witnessed notable expansion in recent years, particularly in areas like Hackney, Tower Hamlets, and Newham. These regions have seen a surge in property prices attributed to ongoing developments, infrastructural enhancements, and regeneration projects. The escalated demand for both residential and commercial properties has been primarily fuelled by a growing influx of young professionals and keen investors. East London is a vast area, so it's important to note that prices can vary significantly based on the precise location within the area. The market, driven by this demand and varying locations, can be fiercely competitive.

Property Types in East London

Properties in East London are some of the most sought-after in the Capital. Here, you can find a wide range of places to buy or rent — from inexpensive ex-council flats, refurbished Victorian terraces, and spacious luxury apartments with stunning views over the city.

The housing stock in East London is predominantly post-war, as the area suffered extensive damage during the Second World War. Many properties that survived were demolished in the slum clearances that followed.

These days, many loft-style homes with fantastic river views are available. These properties appeal to professionals working in Canary Wharf and the City.

While Shoreditch has become a trendy area that boasts many premium properties, especially in areas like Wilkes Street, Shoreditch High Street and Wheeler Street, Whitechapel offers a more diverse range of property options that cater to a broader variety of budgets and lifestyles. From budget-friendly options like the low-rise block on Malcolm Road and the high-rise block on Hindmarsh, Close to luxury apartments and townhouses, Whitechapel offers something for everyone.

There are many new developments around East London as well, like Aurelia and Hallsville Quarter in Canning Town and Oxygen in The Royal Victoria Docks.

Many residential developments in East London have transformed urban areas into thriving neighbourhoods. The most expensive and desirable of which is the regenerated industrial area that is now Canary Wharf. Here, you will find glass-fronted skyscrapers in gated developments.

Just beside Canary Wharf is the Isle of Dogs, part of Tower Hamlets. This peninsula has a wide range of terraced two-storey family homes located in quiet streets. The neighbourhood is popular for families because of excellent schools, transport links, and Mudchute Park and City Farm.

Due to its rich industrial heritage and regeneration, East London has an outstanding choice of converted warehouses offering loft-style living. Many riverside properties are found in Limehouse, Wapping, Canary Wharf, and East toward London City Airport. Shoreditch also has stunning loft apartments with split-level conversions in former warehouses.

East End neighbourhoods like Whitechapel, Shoreditch, and Hackey have many period Victorian and Georgian terraces that survived the Blitz. You can find stunning Georgian period houses with bay windows and private gardens between Mile End and Victoria Park. The short walk to Canary Wharf proves to be a huge advantage for residents here.

The north part of East London has revitalised neighbourhoods like Hackney, Leyton, Stratford, and Clapton. Here, you can find village-like communities close to public transport links. There is a mix of housing from high-rise ex-council flats to newly built two-storey, three- and four-bedroom homes with off-street parking. Additionally, this East London area is one of the greenest in the city, thanks to Victoria Park and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Buying Property in East London

East London's popularity in the property market stems from its affordability compared to central London, drawing in first-time buyers and budget-conscious individuals. With a lower average house price and diverse housing options, it's an accessible market for many. The area's dynamic social scene, bustling nightlife, and eclectic dining options create an ever-evolving and vibrant atmosphere, adding to its allure. Recent revitalisation efforts have transformed East London with modern developments, cultural attractions, and improved infrastructure, contributing to its cosmopolitan vibe. Its excellent connectivity via Tube, bus, and rail networks makes commuting and access to various activities easy. Furthermore, the presence of green spaces, including parks and waterways, offers residents spaces for relaxation and outdoor leisure. East London's evolving landscape, coupled with family-friendly amenities and good schools, also positions it as an appealing choice for families seeking a balanced urban lifestyle.

Renting Property in East London

Renting in East London is popular for a couple of crucial reasons. First, it's more affordable than central London, making it appealing to young professionals and students. In addition, the area has a buzzing cultural scene with its cool restaurants, lively nightlife, and creative hotspots like Shoreditch, which make it a magnet for renters looking for an exciting place to live.

East London's ongoing regeneration projects and new developments also add to its appeal. The neighbourhoods constantly evolve, with contemporary amenities and improved infrastructure, reflecting a modern and forward-thinking environment. And with excellent transport links via the Tube and buses, getting around the city from East London is convenient. It is a practical choice for renters who want affordability and easy access to work and entertainment.

Property for Sale in East London
Property to Rent in East London

Buildings of Significance in East London

The 2012 Summer Olympics had a profound impact on East London. The Olympic Park, which served as the epicentre of the games, underwent extensive redevelopment and regeneration. New sports venues, infrastructure improvements, and community facilities were established. Sustainability took precedence, with a focus on energy efficiency and the integration of green spaces. This forward-thinking approach left behind a vibrant community space with modern amenities and ongoing regeneration initiatives.

The legacy of the 2012 Olympics extended beyond sports, encompassing urban regeneration, enhanced infrastructure, and expanded opportunities for the local community. New housing areas, educational prospects, and cultural ventures were developed. Ultimately, the 2012 Summer Olympics had a significant and positive impact on East London, reshaping its landscape and enhancing the lives of its residents.

East London Schools

There are many excellent primary and secondary schools across East London. Here are some of the secondary schools that you will find in the region:

  • Stratford – ARK Globe Academy, Beal High School, Beatrice Tate School, Cavendish School
  • Walthamstow – Belmont Park School, Holy Family Catholic School, Highams Park School, Kelmscott School
  • Newham – Cumberland School, Forest Gate Community School, Kingsford Community School, Rokeby School
  • Tower Hamlets – Bow School, St Paul's Way Trust, Wapping High school

There are also many primary schools across East London, including:

  • Barking & Dagenham – Becontree Primary School, Dorothy Barley Infants' School, Eastbury Primary School, Five Elms Primary School
  • Newham – Avenue Primary School, Britannia Village Primary School, Carpenters Primary School, Drew Primary School
  • Walthamstow – Barn Croft Primary, Ferry Lane Primary, Gwyn Jones Primary
  • Stratford – Carpenters Primary School, Gainsborough Primary School, Ranelagh Primary School
  • Tower Hamlets – Blue Gate Fields, Christ Church CofE, William Davis, St Mary and St Michael RC

East London Regeneration Information

Past Regeneration Projects

In the 1980s, Urban Development Corporations and Enterprise Zones revitalised inner-city areas, repurposing old industrial sites for new developments. East London's transformation was exemplified by the success of the London Docklands Urban Development Corporation (LDDC) and Enterprise Zone, creating a financial district and improved infrastructure. The Thames Gateway project extended regeneration efforts, prioritising sustainability and affordable housing. The 2012 London Olympic Games in Newham sparked further regeneration, leaving a legacy of improved amenities and a thriving urban park. Despite some concerns, East London's regeneration has reinvigorated the area, fostering growth, prosperity, and community well-being.

Regeneration Projects In East London

The regeneration project in Hackney Wick has many benefits for residents. Following the 2012 Olympics, the area saw significant changes, creating the Hackney Wick Neighbourhood Centre, a hub for independent industries and creative businesses. The project aims to deliver over 6,800 homes as part of an 18-year regeneration programme led by the London Legacy Development Corporation. This initiative began after the 2012 Olympics to create new neighbourhoods and essential community infrastructure across the Olympic Park area, including homes, schools, and health centres.

Since the Olympics, Hackney Wick has become popular among young professionals and creative businesses. However, this growth has brought challenges, including rising housing costs and potential displacement of local businesses. To address this, the project focuses on preserving the community's interests by nurturing an inclusive town centre, safeguarding affordable spaces for local businesses, and promoting sustainability.

The long-term goal for Hackney Wick is to establish an accessible town centre, maintain affordability for future generations, and address climate change through sustainable practices. The project aims to engage deeply with the community, collaborating on meaningful initiatives, and prioritising access to services and opportunities while supporting local businesses and fostering a thriving community.

East London Community

East London is so well renowned for its community spirit that it serves as the setting for the beloved TV show 'Call the Midwife.' The show's portrayal of the area adds to its charm, depicting the strong sense of community and camaraderie that defines East London's character.

Local Events: With so many exciting events held throughout East London, you can stay in the know and ensure you don’t miss out with East London Advertisers’ helpful guide.

Queen Mary University of London's festival: These events are designed to engage the local community actively. Through various workshops and activities, they contribute to community interaction, knowledge exchange, and cultural enrichment, fostering a strong sense of collaboration and shared growth.

East London Groups: The Meetup group for East London offers a dynamic platform for local individuals to connect and engage in community-driven activities. Through various meetups, discussions, and events, they facilitate meaningful interactions, bringing people together and nurturing a sense of unity within the East London community.

East London Cares: The local social clubs actively engage residents, creating connections through diverse activities and events. Their initiatives bring together different generations, fostering interactions that enrich community life in the area.

Transport Information

East London covers a vast area but is well linked with trains, underground and buses. Here are some of the main stations in the area:

  • Barking and Dagenham – Barking Station is the main station, and there are numerous Underground stops on the District Line, which goes through the area.
  • Bexley – There are various mainline stations here, including Barnehurst Station, Bexleyheath, Welling, Crawford, Bexley, Albany Park and Sidcup.
  • Greenwich – There are many transport links on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and Underground stations, including North Greenwich Station on the Jubilee Line.
  • Hackney – Has numerous mainline stations, including Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington, Rectory Road and London Fields. The main Underground station is Manor House on the Piccadilly Line.
  • Havering – The District Line runs through Havering and has stations at Elm Park, Hornchurch, and Upminster, which are also mainline stations. Other mainline stations include Romford, Gidea Park, and Emerson Park.
  • Newham – Both the District Line and the Hammersmith & City Line run through Newham. The DLR also runs from North to South.
  • Redbridge – The Central Line runs through Redbridge and has various mainline stations, including Ilford, Seven Kings and Goodmayes.
  • With its affordability, excellent connectivity, and ongoing regeneration, East London is where modern comforts meet a historic backdrop, creating a unique and appealing lifestyle for residents seeking a blend of tradition and contemporary living.
  • For more information on available properties in East London, reach out to our friendly team for a chat.

Things To Do in East London

East London has many attractions, making it a popular area for tourists, but it also has many things for residents to do. Some of the top attractions include:

  • Museum of the Home, formerly Geffrye Museum – boasts beautiful gardens and stunning period rooms.
  • Whitechapel Art Gallery – this has long been a popular art centre in the area.
  • Sutton House – a National Trust property with an interesting history.
  • Museum of London Docklands – a fascinating museum where you will find out about this history of the Docklands over the centuries.
  • The Tower of London – one of the biggest attractions in London.
  • Spitalfields City Farm – experience the countryside right in the middle of London.
  • Columbia Road Flower Market – one of the best markets in the capital with a relaxed vibe and street musicians.
  • V&A Museum of Childhood – see old toys and fascinating displays for a nostalgic day out.
  • The Olympic Park – take part in some sporting activities or walk around and enjoy the surroundings.

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