Many people wouldn't consider the Thames riverside ideal for families. However, this hidden gem offers the best of both worlds: city life with quick commutes and the beauty of nature right on your doorstep. In this article, we’ll tell you why it's a perfect place to raise kids in London.

Family Life on the Thames

The Thames riverside is close to many activities that families can enjoy together, making it a great place to buy a property in the capital if you have children. From scenic parks along the Thames to various options for family days out, there are countless things to do with children and teenagers here. Educational activities near the Thames include visits to iconic landmarks such as Tower Bridge and the Sea Life London Aquarium. Waterloo Millennium Green is another fantastic spot, perfect for picnics and outdoor play.

Property options in these areas also cater well to families, offering homes with easy access to these attractions. There are plenty of family-friendly restaurants near the Thames, too.

Areas such as Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, and Waterloo are great riverside locations to consider. They offer easy commutes into central London, making them convenient for working parents. These areas also have excellent options for education, including state and private schools, from primary schools to Colleges, ensuring your children have access to quality schooling.

The combination of a diverse community life, excellent amenities, and varied activities make Thames riverside living ideal for families of all ages.

Raising a Family in Waterloo

Waterloo is a fantastic riverside location to raise a family in London. It offers a variety of property types for rent or purchase, suited to different family budgets and needs. From modern apartments to traditional townhouses, Waterloo family homes are extremely varied.

The eastern side of Waterloo, near Southwark, has many period terraces, including Georgian-style railway cottages. Luxury Georgian mansions have been converted into spacious flats closer to the river. The southern part of Waterloo offers a range of Edwardian terraces, family homes with private gardens, and affordable mid-20th-century housing options.

The community in Waterloo is diverse and supportive, with residents actively participating in local organisations and events. Waterloo's prime location near the South Bank and Waterloo station means residents benefit from excellent connectivity and easy commutes into central London. Families also benefit from access to excellent schools near the Thames that have been rated 'Good' or 'Outstanding' by Ofsted.

Overall, Waterloo has architectural variety, a supportive community, and quality education, making it an ideal location on the Thames for raising a family in London.

Family Friendly Living in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe

Bermondsey and Rotherhithe are lively areas that still manage to maintain a village-type feel. Residents here benefit from having every amenity they could ever need, including supermarkets, GP surgeries, dentists, and supermarkets close by. Another major draw for families, though, is that family property in these areas is typically cheaper than other commutable areas of London.

The property available to buy or rent in Bermondsey ranges from Georgian townhouses to warehouse conversions, catering to most tastes and budgets. Bermondsey is popular as a family-friendly living option, partly because of its eclectic community. However, the neighbourhood's practical transport links, including multiple tube stations and buses, make city-wide access convenient, too.

Families also benefit from excellent schools here. Pupils in the Bermondsey catchment area can access many high-quality education options. The strong community spirit in Bermondsey is another appealing factor, which is evident in neighbourhood events and initiatives organised by resident groups passionate about promoting a shared sense of identity and engagement.

Family Living in Rotherhithe

Nestled along the Thames, Rotherhithe has quiet neighbourhoods with breathtaking views. This environment is rare for a riverside location in London, offering a village atmosphere ideal for families.

Green spaces near the Thames, like Southwark Park, are ideal for outdoor activities, allowing families to enjoy the beauty of the river together.

In terms of property available to rent or buy in Rotherhithe, the area's period townhouses, converted warehouses, and modern developments, mean there are plenty of options to suit all kinds of family's housing needs.

Rotherhithe has a welcoming community, with various events and initiatives that bring residents together, making it a perfect place for adults to socialise and kids to make friends. The area also has excellent schools like Albion Primary School and St. Michael's Catholic College, offering quality education for children of all ages.

From family events to convenient transport links at Doubletree Docklands, Nelson Dock Pier, Bermondsey, and Rotherhithe, offer an ideal lifestyle for raising a family in South London.

For families looking for somewhere to live in London that offers a balanced lifestyle, these areas are a perfect blend of community life, green spaces, and excellent amenities.

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