Renting a flat or house in Tower Bridge offers young couples fantastic opportunities to live and work near central London. The historic area of Tower Bridge on the banks of the Thames has fast transport links to the Capital’s financial district, a range of world-class restaurants, a wide array of amenities. It is also relatively inexpensive for young couples to find a place to rent in Tower Bridge.

What are the compelling reasons to live in the shadow of one of London’s most iconic landmarks? If you are a professional couple, why should you start your search to find a rental property in the Tower Bridge neighbourhood? To find the answers to your questions, please read on.

5 Reasons to Rent Property in Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a trendy London neighbourhood on the south side of the Thames. Situated between Southwark and Bermondsey, many flats and apartments in the area are converted warehouses and former industrial buildings. In addition, there are new apartment blocks and converted Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian buildings with one or two-bedroom flats for rent.

Here are five reasons why we think renting a property in Tower Bridge is a good idea for young couples.

1. Young Couples Can Find Excellent Properties to Rent in Tower Bridge

London doesn’t have to be overly expensive to rent property — if you choose the right area. For example, in the south part of the Tower Bridge district, it is possible to find flats to rent for between £350 and £450 per week. Look for rented apartments around Abbey Street, Grange Road, and Great Dover Street.

However, suppose you want to rent an apartment with stunning views over the Thames, Tower Bridge, or the Canary Wharf skyline. In that case, you can find exceptional properties to rent with spacious living areas, high-quality fittings, and balconies. The area between St. Saviour’s Dock and Tower Bridge has some of the most exclusive flats for young couples.

2. Tower Bridge Has Excellent Transport Links

Young couples living in Tower Bridge have the advantage of being close to the City, the financial district of Canary Wharf and Central London. In addition, Tower Bridge is in Zone 1, meaning that commuting to work is not only inexpensive but surprisingly quick.

For example, travelling by Tube to Canary Wharf or the City takes less than 30 minutes a peak times. In addition, getting to Central London to enjoy many of the attractions the Capital has to offer is only 30 minutes on public transport.

3. Tower Bridge is the Ideal Place to Live for Young Professionals

One of the greatest attractions of living near Tower Bridge is the easy commute to Canary Wharf or the City. This makes the area a popular place for young professionals to rent a property. And because most of the housing in the area is well-appointed flats, young professionals tend to make the majority of residents.

Additionally, the wide range of rented accommodation available in the neighbourhood means there are apartments to suit most couples’ tastes and budgets.

4. Tower Bridge is Home to Excellent Restaurants and Bars

There is plenty to do in Tower Bridge for local residents. And, you don’t have to travel far to find historic pubs, modern restaurants, and local farmer’s markets. Also, new buildings like the imposing Shard have helped transform this area of London into a trendy place to live.

Some of the finest restaurants are on the riverside, where you can also enjoy relaxing evening or weekend strolls.

5. Excellent Amenities in Tower Bridge for Young Couples

Young professionals living near Tower Bridge are spoiled for choice for local amenities. Thanks to the regeneration of the area, there is plenty to do. For example, the neighbourhood is home to the Tate Modern, the British War Museum and various theatres.

There are also pleasant open green areas dotted around the district. These give residents the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. For example, Potters Fields Park, Leathermarket Gardens, Guy Street Park and Tanner Street Park mean you are never too far away from green spaces.

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