Bermondsey is a thriving district at the very heart of London that remains relatively affordable and a great place to live, work and play. Meeting the south bank of the Thames, the town of Bermondsey retains its independent character even though it's been very much a part of inner London for hundreds of years. However, Bermondsey's reputation doesn't rest on its history alone, as this is very much an up-and-coming area whose best days still lie ahead.

Artisanal heaven

Ask any in-the-know Londoner about Bermondsey these days, and they'll tell you that it's the go-to place for craft beer, independent artisanal food producers and quirky independent local produce. The Bermondsey Beer Mile is now a place of pilgrimage for those seeking out their new favourite craft ale, and this small area is now home to over 15 microbreweries that have sprung up in the last decade.

It's not just about beer either. Bermondsey is known for quirky, high-quality artisanal food and drink, and customers keep coming, meaning more small businesses are likely to start up in the area and succeed. People want to shop locally and to try something different, and they are also increasingly mindful of their carbon footprint.

These new, dynamic businesses are already transforming Bermondsey into a highly attractive location which is likely to draw further investment in the near future. Anyone looking to buy in the area can be fairly confident that property values, along with the varieties of artisan food on offer, are likely to increase in the years ahead.

Bermondsey Spa

The term Bermondsey Spa dates to 1770, when the famous artist Thomas Keyse made a spa and pleasure gardens in the area after discovering a mineral spring in the town. Now this region close to the Surrey Docks has been regenerated, with derelict railway arches being turned into gourmet cafés and retail outlets.

Many fine examples of Victorian architecture have also been preserved and are currently being repurposed. For anyone looking for something with a unique charm, away from the glass and steel apartments of Canary Wharf, these properties promise highly lucrative and quirky investment opportunities.

The Bermondsey Masterplan

Plans are still underway to transform the old Peek Frean biscuit factory into a major new development incorporating over 1,300 new rental apartments, office spaces, food and drink outlets and a new secondary school. This effort will be a significant transformation to the area, and it's claimed the £500m scheme will create 2,500 new jobs. With the likely influx of young professionals, Bermondsey will probably see a boom in the not-too-distant future – an extremely tempting prospect for current residents and potential buyers.

The best place to live in London

This year, the Sunday Times voted Bermondsey the best place to live in London. The paper said the area epitomised modern urban life, attracting young, affluent residents with loft apartments in converted warehouses and riverside flats becoming highly sought after. Although known for the Millwall Football Club, Bermondsey also boasts the internationally renowned White Cube Gallery, the Kino Bermondsey independent cinema and the Fashion and Textile Museum.

With excellent transport links and London Bridge, the City and Docklands all a stone's throw away, there can be little doubt that Bermondsey property values will continue to grow.

  • Still more affordable than the central London average.
  • Property values increasing steadily.
  • Bermondsey's reputation as a foodie hub will spread, attracting more businesses and investors.
  • New developments may transform the area; Bermondsey could be on the cusp of a property boom.
  • An influx of young professionals and creatives will further enrich the strong local community.