The £3.7bn regeneration of Canning Town is now well underway, and has major implications for the people living in the area, not to mention investors seeking to extend their property portfolios in London.

Here’s some more details about what’s happening in Canning Town, and how the prestigious Hallsville Quarter fits into the plans.

Canning Town – Pre-Regeneration Plans

Prior to Canning Town’s regeneration (which commenced in 2012), the area was suffering from a variety of problems; notably low education, poverty and poor health amongst its residents. Historically, the district was originally a Victorian slum, and until recently, its situation hadn’t improved much, despite being next-door to several affluent Docklands developments.

Regeneration Plans

In 2007, the London Borough of Newham, together with the London Development Agency, the English Cities Fund and other key organisations, put together a masterplan, detailing the proposed improvements for Canning Town.

The regeneration focused on:

  • Improving ease of travel within the area, by creating two new streets
  • Boosting security and character with lighting and street furniture
  • Building new amenities, including leisure facilities and public services
  • Expanding the town centre and redeveloping Rathbone Market
  • Regenerating Custom House in preparation for the potential Crossrail station
  • Creating distinct, unique residential areas
  • Developing parks and other environmental / natural areas
  • Bringing 10,000 new homes to Canning Town

Implications for Canning Town

Understandably, the regeneration project has been welcomed by residents and investors alike. The proximity of Canning Town to the city centre (it takes just 19 minutes to travel from Canning Town tube station to Waterloo), not to mention the possibility of a Crossrail station being built, makes the area attractive to commuters – and regeneration will only increase this further.

Although the regeneration project’s final phase is not due to be finished until 2022, work is already underway, with Phase One now complete. The face of the area is already changing, and house prices are likely to reflect this in the future.

Hallsville Quarter and Canning Town

Hallsville Quarter is an exciting new development that reflects the spirit of change in Canning Town. It’s a five-phase development, with an enviable location directly next to Canning Town station – which makes it instantly appealing to commuters.

In keeping with the area’s regeneration efforts, the development aims to provide not only new homes, but additional shops and leisure facilities. Phase One alone has created 179 new residential properties, and Phase Two will deliver a further 349. Once all five phases are complete, Hallsville Quarter will form part of the £37.7bn regeneration project – and will have a transformative effect on the surrounding area.

The developers, Bouygues Development, have been working in partnership with the London Borough of Newham, and also working closely with residents and businesses alike to create an attractive, secure environment for the local community.

Hallsville Quarter’s Facilities

In addition to offering stylish, contemporary properties, the development also includes:

  • Commercial and retail space
  • A hotel
  • A cinema
  • A supermarket (Morrison’s)
  • A gym

You can learn more about the development here.